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08-08-2013, 03:50 AM
Top 500 team Beatdown. looking for new recruits or a merger. 173166110

Okay here is what I am looking for. I am in a current top400 syndicate. We have been top200 a few times already. But we have had to pair down our group for the normal reasons. Non activity in battles, poor communication,little donations. We are looking for strong members who are active players we do have gold spenders but majority are not. So it is your preference.

Currently we need about 10 core group that want to move up, or strong players that want to do better. We have almost all of the bonuses but the mega billion items. But that will come. IF this fits your bill pm me or respond to thread with stats. Hope to hear from you before the next battle!!

Download of the groupme app is a bonus, contribute and want to get stronger!! PM me or send me your id and I will invite.

This is the bonuses we have currently:
Fight Respect +25%
Jobs Payout +20%
Car Attack:+5%
Car Defense:+25%
Building Output:+25%
Melee Attack:+15%
Melee Defense:+25%
Gun Attack:+10%
Gun Defense:+25%
Armor Attack:+20%
Armor Defense:+25%
Explosive Attack:+10%
Explosive Defense:+25%
Building Defense:+25%
Hideout Health:+20%
Hideout Damage:+15%
Influence Increase:+10%
Syndicate member Increase +36