View Full Version : **top 1000 faction** need 1 more member

Danny boyy
08-08-2013, 03:05 PM
Join us and your stats will go up heaps! 432954702
We currently have 25 active and committed players, We have a defence leader with over 230k defence. We ranked in the top 1000 last WD with 🌎🌎422,648🌎🌎 and all we ask is you donate daily and participate in WD, we have plenty of bonuses they're

💊💊-14 health regen 💊💊
💣💣+20 infantry defence💣💣
💣💣+15 ground defence 💣💣
🏢🏢+20 building defence 🏢🏢
✈✈+10 air defence ✈✈
⚓⚓+5 sea defence⚓⚓
Guild member increase +6

And we have over 6000 concrete!! Activeness and communication is a must! So what are waiting for request an invite now!! 432954702