View Full Version : Cleaning house at Death Force Squad, need some active players L60+

08-10-2013, 05:16 AM
Syndicate Name: Death Force Squad
Invite Code: 189-227-124

I'm tired of all the inactive players and slackers hanging around to gain prizes and awards off the hard effort of a few dedicated players. Do you feel the same way? If so, we might have a spot for you.

We have about 15 very dedicated players in a team of 37. We placed #684 with 325k points in the Civic Center Rumble. We know if we have 10-15 more active members we can place in the top 500. Our team can be maxed out at 46 members right now. When we begin filling these slots with active members we will increase our size to the max. We know with 30 active members we can get to the top 500, with 60 active members we can get to the top 250. All with very minimal gold expenditures. There are no requirements to buy gold, although a few members do on occasion.

Our new recruit standard requirements are:
Minimum Level: 60
A/D stats 1000 times your current level. (level 60, stats must be better than 60k, level 100, stats should be betters than 100k)
IPH amount 500 times your level (level 60 should be $30k, level 100 should be at least $50k), of course this is the minimum. Most of our members earn much more.

We use and require GroupMe participation. This is imperative during the battles and has proven to be a major advantage. Our active members (the game addicts) are on for hours each day even between battles.

Our minimum daily cash donation is 5 times your IPH. IPH of $30k, donation must be $150k/day, IPH of $1m, donation must be $5m/day. These are the minimums. Our current team members donate an average of $30m (combined) / day.

If you think you are a good fit and are looking for an active solid team we might have a place for you. Our invite code is 189-227-124.

Current Bonuses:
Melee Defense 5/5
Defense Building Defense 5/5
Guild Increase I 5/5
Gun Defense 5/5
Respect Increase 5/5
Car Defense 5/5
Guild Increase II 5/5
Armor Defense 5/5
Building Output 5/5
Explosive Defense 3/5 ( will have 4th by 8/12)
Job Payout 3/5
Guild Increase III 3/5
Armor Attack 3/5
Melee Attack 3/5
Hideout Health 3/5
Explosive Attack 1/5