View Full Version : Seeking New Syndicate - Att 216k Def 244k Unboosted - Please Read

Thirteen Squid
08-10-2013, 02:28 PM
I am looking for a new syndicate -

I have been battling for the last 6 months or so and have got bored of chatting on external forums but I do read the posts. Despite finishing in the top 50% of my current faction and despite reassurances otherwise I have been cut from my current Top 25 team. So I am looking for a Top 50 syndicate with the following...

1) preferably a well organised external Palringo forum
2) Level 5 influence bonus
3) most if not all the other bonuses (please include in PM)
4) a consistent top 50 finish in events (I will check.. no bluffers this time!)
5) no pressure to check in for 'a chat'
6) clear targets to meet to remain in syndicate.

What I can offer..

I am an ex top 75 /100 syndicate leader and since then Top 25 player who wants to be a passenger now. I am always contactable and I am a regular hourly player but I do not want to discuss the colour of units or the weather anymore. I play the game because I am addicted and I wish to improve my stats. I will always score 50k-100k in events and take part in all other PVP games. I am gold user and as such I always meet my targets...

If I do not find a good syndicate I am open to exchanging the profile for a vault to concentrate on Modern War.

Send me a PM for consideration.. one external forum constantly making my phone buzz all night is enough so favourable consideration will be given to those using Palringo up to point. If not in Top 75 please do not PM!