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08-11-2013, 11:39 AM
Donegal Brawlers...First annual Crime-a-Thon

If it isn't fun what's the point.

HISTORY: Roughly one month ago my former syndicate self destructed due to egomanics running the show and treating this game like an end all to everything. My buddy, the alternate leader was wronged terribly so I quit. 5 members followed within a week. The original 5 just missed 1000 playing casually learning to enjoy the game again. Ten more people joined, all former friends from various syndicates from 150-750 that I trust with my life. Our first real battle will put us around 500-750. We now have the most dynamic, dirty and destructive forum in the game. And this is where you fit in. Be one of a select outsiders to join us and you get to experience crime cities dirty little secret.

(I don't say battle activity since its a given!!)
1) Have fun. Life first, game second.
2)Donate what and when you can. Bonuses benefit all, but your player fights the fights.
3) No fighting. We are adults, perverted ones, so sexual, mental and possible physical harassment will occur though. No babies or uber-religious. I start and finish fights.

Fun loving criminals with thick skin and the drive to hit 20k ip a battle weekend. If you donít show let me know, and no problems. We have no leeches so I wonít start today. We have our key low levels but we need those die hard killers on the verge of quitting or are sick of the b.s. We don't have any.
We also need guys that drink and tell dirty jokes and share cocktail recipes. Oh, we need more girls to whip us boys into shape.

566 827 245

****OK, we got 501 but were 499 for the last 30 secs or so...either way we had 100% participation with 15 guys and girls. All but 5 team mates got over 10K Ip, 2 under 5K ip. Our average seemed to hover around 45k but we had 4 over 110k...good results. 250 is now our new goal. Join something and say you were there.

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Dos XXs beer bump!

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Bump for brothers