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08-11-2013, 09:00 PM
I am an active player... i have played this game for awhile the problem is I broke my old phone and because i never took Knights and Dragons as serious as I took crime city i forgot to take a screenshot of my old profile... so i could not recover my profile with gree. So i am having to start over.

I am currently Sitting at level 11
I am an active player
I am a Big player in Crime City also from gree (cant be a huge difference between guild war and syndicate war)
I just restarted a Knights and Dragons account yesterday

My Main Characters armor is
Torchflame Mantle level 2
260 Attack
310 Defense

Flowstone Battlegear Level 3
285 Attack
325 Defense

If i found a syndicate good enough and active enough I could convince my Girlfriend who has been playing longer to join

She is level 73

Again I will catch up quickly I am an active player

I use many different Communication apps because of Crime City

Line Messenger: Kcimz00
KIK: Kcimz00
Group Me: Kcimz00@gmail.com
My Profile Code: WBC - HGP - VQN

The devil's angel
08-14-2013, 08:19 AM
You can join us at follow the fallen
Join us at "Follow the Fallen"
.We are a new clan, but we will definitely grow quickly
.Level 11 MIN
.Try to contribute or dem outa da back door
.Make sure to live for the Yolo