View Full Version : Top 500 faction. Newly expanded for India! (-23% HEALTH REGEN, +15% $$ OUTPUT).

08-12-2013, 01:46 PM
Top 500 faction. Newly expanded for India! (-23% HEALTH REGEN, +15% $$ OUTPUT).
Faction: GIANT KILLER (195-758-342)

Wed like to add more strong and active players to our GIANT KILLER faction. In the last war, we improved our point total by 72% with the addition of new players! Please send me (Master P) a message or submit an request directly to the faction if youre interested. Look forward to having you.

Members: 42 capacity (just expanded)!
Faction ID: 195-758-342
Leader ID (Master P): 330-105-756
Defense Leader has 380,000 Defense.

--Guild Members: +22 (42 members)
--Building Defense: +15%
--Infantry Defense: +20%
--Ground Defense: +15%
--Air Defense: +15%
--Sea Defense: +10%
--Infantry Attack: +5%

GIANT KILLER is a military Air Traffic Control call sign given to the controlling authority responsible for flight operations within restricted military airspace such as no-fly zones. The GIANT KILLER has the power to consent engagement of unauthorized flight within the area.

Mac Son
08-12-2013, 02:29 PM
Hi - we are wondering if you would accept our four accounts into your faction. We are a family of three people playing four accounts and we are very active, daily players with high participation in all events. We are looking for a faction that will take all four of our accounts - one of which is just starting, so it's still very low - so that we can continue to participate together. Our current faction is not as active or as organized as we would like and we are hoping to find a faction that has better coordination and participation.

Our stats are as follows: (with our current faction's bonuses)

Mac Mama - level 101 - 146k/145k
Mac Son - level 48 - 63k/63k
Mac DeeDah - level 52 - 44k/46k
Mac Hijo - level 5 - 1k/1k

Please let us know if you would accept us and what your requirements are for donations, etc.