View Full Version : "The Immortals" Top 3500 Faction Looking for new, active and donating members.

08-12-2013, 06:14 PM
The faction, The Immortals, is currently looking for new members.
We started from scratch one week before the battle for Canada began and finished in the top 3500 with only 6 Members. We are now looking to build our army in the hope to achieve a better finish next month.
So far we have purchased three bonuses.
Guild Increase +2
Infantry Defence +10%

We don't have any Gold requirements or minimum donations.
All we ask is that you try to donate on a daily basis and are as active as possible around battle time.

Our Player level range is from 5-105, so we will accept any member with any stats, so long as they adhere to our few requirements.
If you are interested in joining send me a pm, including your invite code and level.