View Full Version : Looking for Small Team to Merge with Us.

08-13-2013, 03:53 PM
We are looking for a small group of experienced active players who want to join with us and help us into the top 250.

Many of us have been top 75/100 in a previous faction, but left to make the game fun again without all the rules, pressure, and requirements. After leaving, we finished Australia at 611 and Canada at 328. We want to climb back into the top 250 and higher, while maintaining the fun. We are not looking for newbies. We would love similar experienced players that are done searching for the holy grail and want this game to be fun again. We are laid back, but still dedicated and active.

We have around 30 players and can easily fit 6-7 players (open spots and getting rid of our LLP's if we have to) We could realistically do more by buying spots, but I don't like to count on that when merging and I am sure anybody considering moving doesnt either.

If you have a group of 6-7 guys that are interested, PM me!

-No donation requirements
-No minimum WD scores, just participation required
-If you have a real-life conflict, no worries, we completely understand when you communicate that to us.

Come be part of our family, you will feel like part of the group immediately!