View Full Version : Top 1100 faction recruiting active players!!

08-14-2013, 02:18 AM
We are a newer faction that is growing very fast! We placed 1057 in Canada which was only our 2nd wd!! We just missed out on the top 1000 because of a handful of inactives. We have created a few openings by dropping dead weight and buying another guild increase. We had 6 open spots but they're filling up fast! Currently there are 2 open spots left until we buy the next guild increase! There are no cash donation or gold requirements! Our only 2 requirements are that you join our outside chat room on Group Me and that you are active for the faction tournament/pvp and especially in the wd tournament! Our defense leader is a level 183 with over 475k defense! And he donates almost 20 mill a day so we are getting new bonuses all the time! Most members are anywhere from a level 32-70 but all are active with decent stats! We are looking for players who are at least a level 25 and or at least 25k in att/def! We are shooting for top 750 at India so hopefully you can help us get there!! If this sounds like a good fit for you then come and join us in the fight!!!

Faction invite code is - 229-313-601

Our bonuses so far are -

Infantry Def - +15%
Building Def - +15%
Ground Def - +10%
Air Def - +5%
Health Regen - +5%
Guild Increase - +6

Also if you are interested in a lower level faction we have a 2nd group of people that are under level 25 with under 25k stats. We'll use this faction to grow players and when they're ready we'll bring them into the main faction! Hope to see you there! Lower level faction invite code is 255-967-999

08-14-2013, 03:26 AM
ZK is looking for 4 players that are dedicated and don't mess around. Currently ranked 425 in WD. If you're like me, you're tired of playing with a bunch of people that don't participate and leach off your bonuses... Come be part of Zombie Killers and help us dominate. Invite code is 210461689 and our next bonus upgrade is building output before next war. Current bonuses are:

infantry defense +%25
Infantry attack +%5
Sea defense +%20
Building defense +%20
Ground defense +%15
Air defense +%10
Building output +%5
Guild member increase +14
Health regeneration time -%19

Members must have 500 allies before war and new members must be over 100k on stats.
Serious players only. If you can't score 50k BP in the BP event, don't bother we want dedicated players. Come join us! Personal message me if you are serious about joining and can make the requirements