View Full Version : Active Low Level Campers, Low Level Players and Free Players, WE WANT YOU!

in defense of the good
08-14-2013, 01:18 PM
Active Low Level Campers, Low Level Players and Free Players, WE WANT YOU!
We are looking for active FREE, light gold players, Low level campers, and startup players!

ALLIED WORLD NATIONS (AWN) is a faction which prioritizes having fun. While we can achieve Top 1000 or better, we aim to grow together without needing to go bankcrupt. We wont mind low stats.

Have you just started on this game? No Problem!
Still low on stats? No Problem!
Camping on your new account? No Problem!

As long as you can hit the wall that's great enough. No small effort is lost. We appreciate everyone's contributions. Donate what you can. No pressure to give anything. Just give us concrete and keep your money to build up your defenses and upgrade your base. We want you to be strong and happy with your achievements. Little by little, we can be stronger. You dont have to stay glued to your device on our wars. A few minutes is good enough. At the end of the day, this game shouldnt rule our lives.

Allied World Nations
Faction Code: 801201968

Our bonuses:
Casualty Rate -5%
Health Regen Time -22%
Ground Attack +10%
Infantry Attack +10%
Infantry Defense +35%
Ground Defense +25%
Air Defense +20%
Sea Defense +15%
Building Defense +30%
Building Output +20%
Guild Membership Increase +24 (44 members)

You dont need to be a gold player to enjoy the game.
Join us.
Faction Code: 801201968

in defense of the good
08-14-2013, 10:22 PM
Thanks for the PMs. Calling Low level campers! We can take you in!

08-14-2013, 10:24 PM
May I join with you ?
Very very low level.
Very very low allay.

in defense of the good
08-15-2013, 07:19 AM
Yes you may! Send a request. 801201968. PM me your game name if it's different from Nitram. Thanks!

08-16-2013, 08:10 AM
i sent a request a couple days ago but have not been accepted
i am low ally but lvl 40 (i leveled up a bit before realizing i want to camp).
is my level too high for this fraction
my game name is Doughboy