View Full Version : Top 75 Guild(JFB) Looking To Start An Alliance After Upcoming War!

08-14-2013, 01:39 PM
We are a top 75 guild that is wanting to form an alliance with a few guilds. We were in an alliance with 3 other guilds for a few wars but the alliance dissolved and we would like to start our own alliance with guilds reasonably close to our alliance. Below will be the rules for the alliance and how things will work.

1) We use GroupMe app for chatting among guilds and for officers and leaders.
2)Guild requirements must be known by all players in the alliance
3)Members are free to move up or down to any guild in the alliance as long as they can make the requirements of the guild they wish to enter and there is room for them in the guild.
4)NO MEMBERS WILL BE FORCED TO MOVE INTO ANY GUILD. PERIOD. Only forced movement will be for inactivity and not meeting the requirements. Moving down/cutting is the only forced movement.
5)Each guild chooses who is accepted in their guild and who they remove. If you are going to cut someone for not meeting requirements you should ask allied guilds with lower requirements if they would like to have the player move to them. If they want the player and the player wants to move to them that is first choice. If the player doesn't want to move to a guild in the alliance and the leader needs to cut them for inactivity then they can move on.
6)Each guild has their own requirements so there isn't any particular requirements for each guild to have. It is whatever the leader and officers agree upon in each guild.
7)Each war we will have a google spreadsheet for intel collected by each guild. If you face a previously fought guild you can use the spreadsheet to know who to hit instead of scouting again to help optimize your scores during the war.
8)We are understanding of real life events and would like to include a camper guild for those members that aren't able to contribute to a war or meet the requirements and can be accepted back after the war.

All guilds will be considered. We would like to keep the alliance to 5 guilds or less as too many could make it hard to organize. Any guild that is interested please Private Message me. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask me those as well. We were top 750 in the first war so we know what it takes to move up in the ranks.

Iron Maiden
08-14-2013, 05:01 PM
A nice way to share intel for less scouting.