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08-14-2013, 03:33 PM
With continued improvement we have ranked within the top 50 factions for multiple events. We are now ready for the next push to the top 25. We are looking for heavy hitters that want their points to count towards top prizes. You may feel the burden of weak teammates and that you are the only soldier scoring points for your team. Well then come to a faction where everyone matches your point totals. Where we kill them all and let God sort them out !!!!!!!

Faction bonuses

casualty rate -5%
health regen time -26%
ground attack +15%
air attack +15%
infantry attack +15%
sea attack+5%
infantry D +30%
ground D +30%
air D. +30
sea D +20
building D +30%
building output 20%
guild @ +32

Let god sort them out
Faction # 993-244-985

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