View Full Version : Who wants a free avatar (with a PHAT IPH)?

08-14-2013, 07:43 PM
I have not played MW in over a month because I am an officer on a top 50 tier team in KA which consumes my free time. In addition school is about to start up and I will have no time for either. If you would like I can transfer the MW "Rhino" avatar to you and if an officer (or anyone for that matter) on your team has a second iOS device you might appreciate the 2million IPH I was raking in with all the upgrades in my old faction (which has now disbanded).
Attached is a screen shot of my current and non-playing status and all money buildings have been completely raided so whoever gets it will be able to time that to the 24 and 48 hour income to their schedule wherever that is in the world. At those 48 hour collection times I was raking in 40 or 50 million in at one take I just cant remember LOL.