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08-15-2013, 01:34 AM
Join us !
We are a very strong faction with a lot of bonus!!

We need strong player for go in the top 100
To join, you need min. 100k, 500 allies and ACTIVE..!! Because now we have some players with low stats and level and now we need strong player for kick them.
Faction code: 912 112 616

Casualty Rate:+20%
Health Regen: +30%
Ground atk:+30%
Air atk: + 25%
Infantry atk:+ 30%
Sea atk: +20%
Infantry def: + 30%
Ground def: + 30%
Air def: + 30%
Sea def: +30%
Building def:+ 30%
Building output: + 30%
58 spots.

if you interested ----> PM me

08-15-2013, 01:37 AM
We are recruiting active players. We are looking for active players that can score up to 20K WDP. You don't need to be a gold player to join this faction. Your stat needs to be at least 40K+ Attack/defense.
we have 5 more spots left!!! Join us and you will get many faction bonus.

Health Regen time: -23%
Ground attack: +5%
Infantry Attack:+10%
Infantry Defense:+30%
Ground Defense:+25%
Air Defense:+15%
Sea Defense:+15%
Building Defense:+30%
Building Output:+15%
Guild Member Increase:+20%
We have just recruited a strong Defense Leader (517K defense)

With your help we hope to reach top 750!!!!

Our faction code is: 184-742-869

We pity the fools

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