View Full Version : Trend is up... 65th in Canada. Low key, high performance faction. Join us?

08-15-2013, 09:58 AM
Marine Corps Special Ops (MCSO)

Well, some of you will be familiar with the trials and tribulations of our rise up the charts (see my earlier posts!)... but for the second time I find myself reporting from within the top 100 - and watching in amazement as strong players from the likes of Ferr and other top 10 factions join our ranks... you are probably asking, why?!

Basically, we decided to evolve - to be honest, we had no choice, the 'deadweight' were choking us and the great players were drifting away to get a better rate of return on their gold investment!

So we have pulled the faction, sometimes kicking and screaming, into the Top 100 and now into 65th position!

Key Facts:-

We have NO deadweight anymore.
Every player commits to a minimum of 50,000 WD Points (this is fixed and will NEVER RISE)
Professional website with walkthroughs, resource tables, gaming tips, league tables etc
Multiple chat rooms
Dedicated Recon areas for publication of WD target reports
Good social scene
MCSO has two other factions that provide holiday cover and training


Between each battle we reassess performance and take into consideration Faction & member requirements. We have a number of vacancies for those passionate players subject to the following terms:-

All players will be interviewed/screened as part of the selection process
You must be willing to commit to 50,000 WD Points; NO LESS (no maximum either!)
Be agreeable to spending a little gold to ensure you hit your target if required
Minimum Attack/Defence 270,000
Must use Palringo (a free app from your store)
Must be a Regular player
You have to join the website & chat rooms - communication is obviously key.
An average donation between battles equivalent to 3 million per day


This is NOT a hacked faction. Bonuses are hard earnt and we are still working towards the final ones.

Health Regen +26%
Infantry Attack +15%
Infantry Defense +30%
Ground Attack +10%
Ground Defense +25%
Air Attack +5%
Air Defense +20%
Sea Defense +15%
Building Defense +30%
Building Output +15%
Member Increase +28

A bit more about us...

Madagascar 150th
Poland 115th
Australia 91st
Canada 64th

As you can see, the trend remains upwards and with new players coming onboard, the Top 50 is within our sights. Do you have what it takes to be part of this team?

This team has been built from the ground up to prove that we don't need to spend a fortune to achieve great things in this game. It has proved that the key to any Faction is teamwork, indeed it's crucial if you want to strike that perfect balance between fun, cost, time, family and reward.

We have 48 slots so a fair few spaces are still open but only for the right applicants. Only people willing to pull their weight and able to fight their corner at this level need apply!

Quote from Ex Ferr member:-
"This is an amazing faction. Laid back yet firm and fair. Great social side and amazing support infrastruture - I've belonged to a few in my day and it knocks spots off the others. I can't see myself ever leaving!"

Interested and want to talk more? Send me a PM and I will get back to you, or join Tito on Palringo (search for and join MCSO5 group).