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08-15-2013, 02:35 PM
Join our top 100 faction, Spec Ops Grunts as we look to obtain a top 75 finish!

We are really fun and funny but it's business when it comes to war time. We are extremely organized and barely use in-game forum. Most of our bonuses are maxed and we currently have 5 billion in the bank.

Infantry Defense, Air, Ground, Building Defense: +30% (MAXED)
Health Regen Time: -26% (MAXED)
Casualty Rate: -5%
Ground Atttack: +15%
Air Attack: +10%
Sea Attack: +5%
Sea Defense: +25%
Building Output: +20%
Guild: +32

We require:
-10 million initial donation with at least 2 million per day
-250k+ stats (RAW)
-40k+ points in WD
-a fun and positive attitude and demeanor (MOST IMPORTANT)
-active participation
-GroupMe usage (a bit of viewer discretion is advised... you'll find out soon)

If you are interested, please PM me back with your email, level, stats (RAW preferred), IPH, average amount of points scored in WD as we will hook you up with an interview room if we are interested in you.

08-15-2013, 03:13 PM
PM sent.......

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Bump for our friends across the pond!

08-15-2013, 09:23 PM
[Faction Update #1] - We could also use a sturdy powerhouse to knock out our already amazingly strong DL. He's at over a million stats (much much more higher); if you can top that and want to swing into a future top 75 with style and positivity, let's have a talk!

08-15-2013, 10:32 PM
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We only have 2 spots left! Come get them!

08-16-2013, 02:21 PM
We've been getting applications and requests left and right. Wanna try your luck?

08-16-2013, 04:56 PM
Wow. This forums flies fast...

08-16-2013, 07:58 PM
TGIF everyone!