View Full Version : Does iCloud transfer from old iPhone to new IPhone work?

08-17-2013, 05:20 PM
There is much conflicting information document on the Gree support site, announcements and in the posts.

Currently back up old phone to iCloud. Brand new IPhone.. If I accept restore from old IPhone iCloud backup as the method to first setup my new iPhone will my current game successfully transfer to my brand new IPhone as advertised by Gree?

Thanks Much!!!

08-17-2013, 05:48 PM
Well, I'll try and answer this as best as I can. I am an iOS developer and I know that modern war uses your UDID (40 digit code) to associate your device's account. When I deleted then restored the same save on my phone (same UDID) I was still prompted to select a new country and start over. Then i was on GREE's month long waiting list....So there is a high chance it won't work.

08-17-2013, 07:31 PM
Thanks much iZheil!

Anyone have anything else to add?

Mc Drew
08-18-2013, 03:08 AM
Thanks much iZheil!

Anyone have anything else to add?

I tried and yes... it's a big NO.
It seem you need to submit ticket to gree and provide details that they require.
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08-28-2013, 07:33 AM
Bump... is this true? All of the transfer documentation in the FAQs and on the GREE support side is inaccurate?

another player
08-28-2013, 07:41 AM
No. It's not incorrect. It just never worked.

Max Power
08-28-2013, 08:32 AM
Write all your game details down, send a transfer request to Gree, and be prepared to take a day off.