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08-18-2013, 09:32 PM
I have helped many LLP's, and have had them use this main strategy,
This guide is to get new players through early stages of income growth.
Feel free to comment/criticize about my guide as this is my first one.

Factions explained
You'll want to get into a faction that'll get at least top 4000, so that you will get prizes.
Only hit the wall, don't attack people, and you'll be fine.

Starting Out
So you've started your game and don't know how to start. You start foolishly doing missions and putting all your skill points into defense. You make your way to level 50 and are wondering why your stats are only 10k, you start realizing how far behind you are and begin to camp to rid you of daily attackers winning, and you wonder "I should've levelled slower to make the game more enjoyable"
Well, I will be explaining how to start of the game and stay strong as you level, focusing on your money buildings.
You will want to start off by picking a stat-boosting nation, whichever you think will suit you the best. Avoid USA and Iran, as those boosts won't be needed. I picked Germany, and it's very useful for the bonus.
To start, work on getting your supply depots up in level(it's personal preference on which level you upgrade these to). They have very fast ROI's(how fast they pay themselves back), and since you are new, you will probably be logging in very often. You will also want to level your command center to level 2 or 3 to help pay for the munition stockpile upgrades and give a nice boost every day.
You'll want to start getting more allies so that you can accommodate all the scratcher units, they will give you a ton of stats.
Raid command centers until you are level 3 to unlock munition stockpiles. These will be the focus of your upgrades for a while. You want to build both, then ping-pong the upgrades til they're level 10. By this time, barely anyone will be able to raid you, and those who are able to will level past you.
After both are level 10, you'll want to start raiding til you reach level 6. At level 6, you'll unlock the military market. I would suggest levelling them up to levels 5 or 6

Getting into events
This is where you'll see your stats shoot up the most.
You'll have to be level 10 for this step. If you aren't, keep raiding for cash to get to level 10.
You'll see that there are boss events and open 10 events. These are what you'll want to participate in. Avoid the other events, especially the PvP even if you're faction feels otherwise. if they ask, tell them that it would hamper your growth.
For the collect 10 and bosses, you'll want to raid, not attack to get the crates, etc. or activate the bosses. You will start to level more than you'd think; It's more than worth it. You should easily be able to get to boss 20 or higher on your first boss, the higher the better the stat gain.

Continuing with your economy
As you are doing these events, there are a few buildings you'll want to focus on
Natural Gas Plants: unlocked at level 10, these will be great upgrades til levels 4 or 5.
Ore Mines: unlocked at level 15, these are best when upgraded to around level 3 or 4, after that they become too expensive for a newer player
Recycling plant: they are unlocked at level 17 and get these up to levels 3-5 depending on what you can afford
Desalination Plants: these are your first water building and unlocked at level 19, they are great at levels 4 to 5, but can be costly
Make sure to always be upgrading something, no matter what.

Level 30
This is the second most important level, after 10.
You will unlock Oil Rigs at this level. They are the best normal money building to upgrade, but will seem very costly.
By this time, you're Income will be high enough to afford at least level 2, maybe level 3.

Limited Edition Buildings
They are unlocked at level 20, but don't buy them until you have your oil rigs set up.
These will give you the best income increase, but are very costly to a newer player. Make sure that once you start going for the building, to not stop. You may have to raid all day, but it's worth it.

Boost buildings
Get your cement factory to level 7 asap
For the rest of these, only upgrade or buy these when cost/time<IPH
Avoid the infirmary, I didn't find it to help, and, since have sold it to make room for money buildings.

Unit buildings
Only upgrade these when you have nothing else to upgrade, they are not worth it as a camper anymore.

Always be upgrading this, until it's too expensive. You should be able to afford a $20 million vault by the time your oil rigs are level 2.

Skill Points
Put them into stamina until you get up to 50 stamina, it's what you'll need for your first limited building
After you get 50 stamina, it's your choice.

If you want more specific advice, pm me or add my ally code, 154 450 988.
I will be more than happy to help you choose your next upgrade, or just give advice in general.