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08-19-2013, 05:52 PM
Top 1,000 Guild - "Valley of Ashes" Recruiting new ACTIVE Players

Valley of Ashes (VoA) is currently recruiting

Our invitation code is: 791-915-907

We are a Guild of Casual players looking to fill our Guild with Active players to help contribute in Guild Quests and Wars for the benefit of us all to increase stats, ranking in the wars, and for fun!

There are few simple rules in our guild:
- You need to be an Active player - This is the most important rule!!
- You need to Actively participate in the War Events, Guild Quests, Raid Bosses, etc. as best you can - We understand this is a game and any contribution you can make in these events is greatly appreciated by us all. The greater the contribution, the greater the rewards!!
- We have a 50K minimum weekly donation - We do not judge members by the amounts of their contributions. We only ask you contribute the weekly minimum for the benefit of us all in purchasing Bonuses and growing as a Guild.
- ALL new members are welcome to join our guild (Any Level) we just ask that you please be active as it makes the game much more fun for everyone when there is participation from the Guild as a whole.
-There is NO requirement for using gems as we are mostly a free/light gem spending Guild.

What you could expect from us:
* Upgrade Cost -19% - Level 4/5
* Building Upgrade Time -23% - level 5/5
* Guild Member Increase = +12
* Always working toward our next Bonus (Currently Casualty Decrease)
* Share of most useful and helpful hints and help with planning character development strategy for members
* Friendly and open atmosphere

We would like to remain a Casual Guild but with some level of ambition and an increase in Active Members!

Our invitation code is: 791-915-907

There are three (3) ways to apply for a place in our Guild:
- Request through Invitation Code
- Request through PM to me on this forum (I will check every couple of days)
- Request through my wall: BLuR (If you can find me - I'm Level 120)

Currently we have seven (7) spots open - 23/30

Best Regards,