View Full Version : update on defense buildings

08-22-2013, 08:06 PM
everyone agrees, defense building are useless and outdated, i think after nearly 2 years this aspect of the game should get a little update. i probably get 1000 defense or so from my defense building on 800k def thats nothing.

there is currently no real point in a growing IPH unless the LTE event buildings. makes us use our income to buy some quality def buildings and release a new set of 8-10 new defense building. those new building would be gold/cash and could be updated regardless of the money buildings. if for exemple a new defense building cost 1k gold and gave 3000 defense but could be updated while updating money building people would actually spend to get the buildings so money in gree pocket. Make us spend our money too i am always overvault at 700m-800m ++ and i am a free player. there should be a point to getting that much money. currently the only thing going that as no current end is the battle point ranking.

on the defensive side the buildings end at 75 def while in the bp system the best defense unit is 1k+ there is no balance..

crazy iph guys want crazy buildings as crazy raiders want crazy units.

i wouldn't say i am bored but as a free player i have 800k defense with 8m iph and there is not much to do i am sure i am not alone but i like to build my base and have the biggest one possible and i think it is time for a new set of buildings because the current non limited time buildings have not been inflated
unlike the rest of the game.

i understand the game is already heavily promoting defense only but it wouldn't be that hard to bring a better balance to attack too with some new boost buildings