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08-24-2013, 08:36 AM
About Gods of Conquest

We finished 92nd in the Dagons Delta and have 5 top 150 finishes
We won 48 battles in Dagons Delta, obtaining Delath!
We have completed most of the Guild LTQs
Our invite code is 307-929-484
We have maxed Upgrade and Cost bonus and 5% casualty reduction
Our members are dedicated, competitive people from the UK and US.
We are currently a 44 person guild, with plans to upgrade to 46 by the next war.

Our Requirements for you

Have more fun by participating in guild chat and being social
Pulling at least 30k in guild wars, and participating in multiple battles per day
Helping to complete Guild LTQ, by playing multiple times a day
Donating 250,000 gold per week to the guild for bonuses
Attack/Defense at least 400k with a ratio of at least 6000/level
Light Gem spending is required, more is always appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you, feel free to send me a PM to talk about your application or simply apply using the code 307-929-484

Also if you are a guild with many people that wish to merge into our guild, we are open to that too. Please PM and we can discuss.

Officer in Gods of Conquest

Iron Maiden
08-25-2013, 02:32 AM
I have seen many guilds that a few gemers are carrying the weight of many that don't really even show up. I lead a top 60 and I am looking to move forward securing a higher rank. If you are a part if a top 75-200 that is struggling to hold your position - or tired of being the only ones making it to the wars - let me know. I know that combining two teams that are already great would result in an amazing top 50 or even higher! We are organized and scheduled and run votes on most things. If you decided to move over to us I am willing to reappoint your officers. I require activity in all aspects guild related.

Our bonuses are
Members- 46
Casualty rate- 10%
Upgrade cost- 23%
Building upgrade- 23%
Heath Regen- 10%

Come join us and we will keep moving up!