View Full Version : Top 75 guild, The Titans, needs 2 new players

08-27-2013, 06:57 PM
We want two more active players who enjoy contributing and winning.

Titans - requirements for new members
Top 75 guild in last two battles
Participation in guild events and wars - 45 k war points required ( either free or with gems)
Effective communication using Groupme
Minimum of level 80, minimum of 6000 attack and defence per level
Donations - minimum of 60 k per day
Current bonuses:
Casualty rate -19%
Health regen time -14%
Upgrade costs -23%
Building upgrade time -23%
Guild size - 44 members
Guild number 761 169 842
Apply to:

08-28-2013, 01:18 PM
Name: Golden Boy
Attack: 663716
Defence: 633598
IPH: 3444 (current upgrade lender and contructing first manor, ready in 10 h)
War points: i'm not sure what you want in war points.. i'm battles w 2420 L 1097 current amb the 3 in my guild in ranking with 45K points

Reason for leaving your guild:
a lot of members have leave the guild.. and the last events we can't finish becouse we have a lot of noobs.. i play all the day and i usually finish all the quests..