View Full Version : Opening the game, cant get past chest and buy-gem screens

08-30-2013, 10:30 AM
Does anyone else have this issue? It's starting to get really annoying, as it takes me 2-3 tries to get into the game... each time. The (X) buttons do not work, or some times the daily scratch gets frozen/glitched, or the news feed pops up with duplicate tabs. I can take screen shots of where it's glitching, but was wondering if anyone else had this issue, and if there is a way to fix it. This happens more than 50% of the time. TIA :cool:

08-30-2013, 10:33 AM
Yes, here is what I posted in another thread that may help you out:

I have a first gen IPad and have a few tips to help gameplay. Once you have synced with iTunes and have the newest version of iOS. The game could be crashing because your computer/iPad does not have enough memory to support what is being presented onscreen.

First close out all windows in Safari, I for one have days where I leave open five or six pages and toggle between pages. This could be using some resources that would be better served in your kingdom.

Next go to settings--->general--->spotlight search. There deselect everything except what you consider essential, mine only has email and apps.

Again settings--->general--->safari. Clear cache,clear history,clear cookies. This one helps a bunch, some websites leave a bunch of crap that bogs down your system.

Finally, double tap your home button, the round indent that has a square on it. That will pop up all the apps you are currently running. Hold down any of the apps until they shake and red minus signs appear above all. Select all apps you are not using. Press your home button again.

Now the game should run much better and crash less often. I have a first generation iPad for my LLP and it's mostly playable. Yes, most times I open the game the splash screens are messed up and I need to close and re open. Once in certain maps are hard to get to. If going direct to a map crashes, go to lanibods crypt first, for some reason I can go anywhere from that map.

Hope this helps everyone.

08-30-2013, 01:39 PM
Great advice, Bluedood. Lucky for me I have a 2nd generation iPad so I will never have to worry about problems like this.

08-30-2013, 01:59 PM
I'm on Ipad2 and the frozen splash screen problem is something I have gotten used to.. Here is what I do on top of what is allready written :
1) Scratcher prize & Chest lottery.... Restart KA
2) Gem/gold purchase like the recent 40% discount.... choose the buy option instead of the X. The next screen can be closed normally
3) News (messages or attacks) ... choose revenge / reply and it will return to normal