View Full Version : GREE IS NOT SUPPORTING EVERYONE WITH UPDATES !!! Thankyou for the HELP ....

08-31-2013, 02:14 AM
A BIG THANKYOU to everyone for Helping out solve my "No Game updates problem" ........ Finally got my games going after No updates for 3 weeks !! ...

I've been asking Gree for 3 weeks ! , for results , and just get the same message every time , after 30+ messages to them ..

"I am sorry but we no longer offer Modern War in the app store for your region. Unfortunately we do not have additional information available at this time. We do apologize for the inconvenience."

Then I start up a whole heap of threads on each of the games forums I play , and get results from other members helping me out (started a US iTunes account) ... Then finally Gree (Sirius) decides to reply, with another wish-wash answer

"Please contact support folks if you don't mind for any issues. Also there are all sorts of various reasons why an app is not out for 'x' region/country. Please try to dig a little deeper on reason why instead of creating threads such as these."

, and then closes the thread ... !!

This shows how incompetent Gree and its staff really are .. 3 weeks with NO results from GREE !! , 2 days on Forums and problem sorted !!