View Full Version : United warriors top 75 in India, going to be rank 25 in France!

The real matias
09-02-2013, 03:33 PM
United Warriors looking for New, Active, Light gold members!

United Warriors is a great bunch of players, we are like a family, we always help each other out!
We were only top 75 due to half of the faction not meeting WD Requirements, yet we still got top 75, we have a bunch of outstanding members so you won't be the only one!
(Limited spots so must message me fast!)
We have a tone of bonuses that will help you!

Building Defense +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Building payout +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Health Regeneration +26% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Casualty rate reduction -14% 3/6
Guild increase +36 56/60
Infantry Defense +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Ground Defense +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Air Defense +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Sea Defense +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Infantry Attack +30% MAXED OUT! 6/6
Ground Attack +20% 4/6
Air Attack +15% 3/6
Sea Attack +10% 2/6

And many more to come!

Faction Requirements

Daily donations N/A donate what you can!

Must be a daily player! Must communicate on MW chat and you must join our chat room in PALRINGO (app)

Stat Requirements Depend on your level

Levels 0-50 150/150*
Levels 51-75 250/250*
Levels 76-100 375/375*
Levels 101-150 500/500*
Levels 151-200 750/750*
Levels 201-250 1mil/1mil +*
*Note these are subject to change. Exceptions can be made. It is just to give you a general idea of stats needed.

World Domination Event Requirements

(If WD requirements are not hit you will be booted from the faction before you get any WD prizes unless exception is made by the Leader Cadillacdoctor, scamers are not wanted)

Min 75k+ WD points
Preferred (and guaranteed spot) 100k+
(Estimated gold needed for 75k 500 gold)
(Estimated gold needed for 100k 1000 gold)

Stat exceptions can be made, WD scores must be reached. Please Private message me if you are interested and feel you could fit in with our great group of guys! HOPE YOU JOIN!
Requirement officer

The real matias
09-02-2013, 03:35 PM
We have one member who scored 300k WD and 10 that scored 200k WD!