View Full Version : Ferrīs Jr Emperors point of view.

Captain Steelman
09-03-2013, 01:57 AM
Hallo forum

This WD event in India were in many ways a success. The new faction event within the WD event made it much more interesting. Now every battle is a fight that matters. Before one could just let a battle pass by if the opponents players didnt provide any good points. Now its 100% war during the entire WD Event.

We think however that the rewards were a little bit "over the top" and should be balanced with the WD event rewards. As it is now its better to score less and aim for a lower rank in the WD event to be paired with weaker factions and by doing so, get a better chance at the faction goals.

We would like to see that the Top1 WD Event rewards and the rewards for finishing faction goals would be approx the same. ( Not same units but same stats and boosts ).

Well, thats our opinion. You are free to agree or disagree.

And since I got the pen in my hand, congrats to all for another great event...! Special congrats to SUP2. I know how it feels to sit in that seat...!

Also big thx to my team... We aimed for top100 and I dont know for sure how we ranked but top50 it is...

09-03-2013, 02:37 AM
Congrats to you to than. and well done indeed for SUP2 i absolutely dont know how it feels but first top 400 for us and major stat increases with lovely bonuses. The bonuses for the next top 400 seems very interesting.