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09-03-2013, 05:48 AM
Faction: Reconism
Invite Code:
Leader: Ron

We are always looking for new recruits who are daily active players.
Our Faction Bonus are currently:

-14% Health Regen Bonus
+15% Building Defense
+15% Infantry Defense
+10% Ground Defense
+5% Air Defense
+5% Sea Defense
+4 Guild Members

We are an affiliate faction of The War Warblers. We are great players looking for active members, please no campers, and no gold required. Either PM me here for questions, or just send us an invite in the faction. We do have a requirement to use Groupme. If you send us an invite via faction code, one of our officers will direct you to our recruiting room on groupme. We are sitting at 21 members out of 24, so we have three open places right now. We don't currently have requirments on level or att/def. We don't have a trial membership. As long as you remain active and are a team player, you are part of the group. Must compete in WD at a minimum.

Madagascar - was currently under construction
Poland - 3043
Australia - 2471
Canada - 4030
India - 1850


We are not interested in you joining the faction to recruit for your true faction, so please don't join if this is your goal. When you do join, please communicate with us through groupme. No camping allowed during WD events. If you want to camp outside WD events, let us know, and keep up with us so you don't get removed. Backed by the War Warblers.

09-04-2013, 02:37 PM
Bumped up you know you want to join.