View Full Version : Lumber Jacks faction top 750 looking for 3 new members

09-03-2013, 10:50 AM
The Lumber Jacks faction have 3 free slots available and are looking for new active members.

Last WD battle of India we reached rank 719 and we are growing every war.

What are we looking for:

First of all you must be an active player and have a ranking above 100 with high attack/defence.

It is not a must but we prefer that you have 500 allies.

Second donate what you can, we have no restrictions.

Third you must join us at groupme, because we are using this tool during communiction during the wars.
(you get instructions how to join if you are a member of our team)

That is all.

What do you get:

- a team with social and active members
- advice how to play
- 27 bonuses of our team

- health regen time +20%
- infantery attack +5%
- infantery defense + 25%
- ground defense + 15%
- air defense + 5%
- sea defense + 5%
- building defense + 15%
- guild member increase + 20%

At the moment we have 37 members and we are international, however our teamleader is from the USA.

If you like to join an easy going faction with fine and active members, please PM me.

Waiting for your reaction