View Full Version : 7th Special Forces - Top 250 without being point snobs!

& The Horse U Rode In On
09-03-2013, 01:36 PM
The welcome mat is out - come to your new home!

7th Special Forces is growing and if you are looking for a mature faction where you will have fun but get serious when it is time, we are for you. Top 750 since Colombia and moving up fast! Up 500+ spots in India! We span from USA West Coast to Australia, ex-military and civvies, teenagers to old farts, wineries to wombats.

Dedication and activity are more important than your level. We aren't attk/def number or WD point snobs! Our minimum standards are easily reachable! We will evaluate all applicants. All you have to do is follow our simple rules:

- REQUIRED: download whatsapp for faction/battle communication
- REQUIRED: 150k attk/def or 1500 x level
- REQUIRED: be active, especially WD events (20k minimum per WD event)
- REQUIRED: add to or maintain your allies at max level (500)
- REQUIRED: read, learn and follow the battle plan and all direction from faction officers
- REQUIRED: be willing to take some good-natured teasing when needed. If we could only score points for busting chops, we would be #1

- donate daily to the faction (we would rather have you build your stats than force donations)

You DO NOT have to:
- use gold
- be megatron rank/lvl/attk/def. We are growing and will help you grow with us

Our faction bonuses are:
Health Regen -26%
Infantry Attack +5%
Infantry Defense +25%
Ground Defense +15%
Air Defense +15%
Sea Defense +10%
Building Defense +20%
Building Output +10%
Guild Increase +24

Invite code 711015467. Come check us out!

& The Horse U Rode In On
09-04-2013, 07:11 AM
A couple of spots left! Come on board and share our rise up the charts!

& The Horse U Rode In On
09-09-2013, 09:37 AM
We have added some great recruits who are leading our FvF stats. Can you match that?

& The Horse U Rode In On
09-16-2013, 12:57 PM
We made it through level 8 of prestige mode in the FLTQ. Great stat bump could have been yours. Two spots left come join us for WD!