View Full Version : High IPH - Low Stress

09-03-2013, 07:36 PM
Heavy Marine Helicopter is looking for a High IPH member to join us and help increase our boosts.

If you were with us for India, you would have received the following:

Bay Stryker [Inf, 100A / 69D]
Lab Supply Carrier (A110/D133)
Bay Intelligence 130/181
Peace Keeping Strike Ship (200A/196D)
Bay Attack Helicopter (406A/350D)
Bengal Defender (700A/740D)
Bay fighter ship (1400/1333)
Bengal Elite Commando (2700/2479)
Bengal Experimental Fighter (air 5000/4780)
Bay Experimental Copter, [Air, 14573A / 17000D, +25% to Air Defense)

Bengal Sniper (A300/D206)
Bay Harrier (400A/308D)
Bay Siege Tank (ground) (550a/441d)
Bengal Elite Stalker (1269A/800D)
Bay Experimental Jet (2400A/1916D)
Bengal Tech Attack Vehicle (4600A/4391D)
Bengal Prototype Fighter (air 10,000/8673)
Bengal Experimental Tank (20000A/18826D)

You ALSO would have earned all rewards that go along with the Top150 teams. And we did all of this with a slightly less than full roster and a bunch of mini accounts (44/48)

Come check us out and help us grow our family.

We know you want to be in a family and we are by far one of the best out there.

What do you have to lose?

Just PM me