View Full Version : Strength&Honour recruiting

09-04-2013, 04:09 AM
We are ideally looking for some US players to join our understaffed nightshift tea, but will consider all.

we was top 250 team but some of our heavies left to join a higher ranked faction, some if not all may come back eventually, so we finished top 750 this event and because were all strong for our levels and have great bonuses we rarely lost giving us great win streaks in the new fltq :) it also made it more fun winning every battle!

all we ask is your active in battles, donate what you can afford, whilst growing your base stronger and be a team player! ;):cool:

ok so stats.. really we'd prefer some really strong players, but to avoid losing points, we only want strong players for there level, if your low level and strong, active and willing to help out a lot, then we'd welcome you with us and watch you grow really strong, like most of us have here..
we started as a camping faction and i guess were semi camping as most try to avoid high XP events, so we can really help low levels build themselves up strong, without levelling fast! ;)

PM me for any other details you want to know.