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Russian Roulette
09-05-2013, 12:51 PM
Post Your Faction Info Here!
Post your faction stats and invite code here to be put on the faction spotlight and get noticed! Even Leave a message to tell free agents about your faction.Today's faction :

Steven G - [Faction Code : 208844668]
" Join a great, dedicated and rising faction! Active members in all time zones. See details to see if you are a fit . . .

We have three open slots due to removals and a guild increase. This is a growing faction that has very nice bonuses and is improving in event and war ranking every time. We have a very solid core, with good battle participation and donations (hence the nice bonuses). We introduced new tactics this last war to great success and earned faction bonus units totaling over 5000 attack and defense and placing just barley above top1500 (1728th)

Get in while we are growing!

We treat the members well. No minimum donations but we do expect all to donate and demonstrate a nice balance of donations and participation in group events. We are willing to teach tactics to make you effective and to up your strength to fight with us and all else we do in the game.

We will take lower level players who are willing to participate strongly in the group events . . . we've grown much more powerful as the entire team advances and we implement better war strategies.

IF that all sounds interesting, request an invite at 208844668 .

Bonuses : Health Regen Time -15% Infantry def +10% Ground def +10% Buidling Defense +10% Guild Member Increase +8 Currently have 300m in bank and voting on next bonus. "

09-05-2013, 05:38 PM
Faction UnsulliedSSS 387-562-988 Top 750 looking to get better Infantry and Building defense maxed 30%, 15% bldg $ output, Health -26%, 24 guild increase, 20% Air defense, 25% Ground defense, 15% Infantry attack, 10% Ground attack, 5% Air Attack and 15% Sea defense. Apply today.

Sir fisher
09-07-2013, 10:51 AM
M3ERICA is recruiting active players to fill a few vacancies. We finished #192 in Canada. 10mil donation required upon entry. 3 million dollars daily donation. 448 870 827
We have top notch bonuses
+30 infantry defense
+30 building defense
+30 ground defense
+30 health regen
+30 air defense
+30 sea defense
+25 cash from buildings
+30 infantry attack
+25 ground attack
10% casualty reduction
+15 air attack
+10 sea attack
Message for more details

09-07-2013, 07:56 PM
The Black Sheep Squadron, is a new faction looking for daily players willing to work together to become a top faction. Our defense leader is defending at 285k and we have four main members 3 attacking over 200k and 1 over 175 k. We have plenty of spots open so reply back if interested. There are no requirements we are just looking for good loyal members to war with us.

Faction invite code : 466-718-971

09-09-2013, 01:18 PM
We are looking for active players to join a laid back, fun faction. We do so well in World Dominations due to our strategical playing and high activity which is thanks to players all around the world. We accept players everywhere though if your in the Pacific regions: Hawaii, Japan, China, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia , you are in high demand!

We are very knowledgeable and we teach each other things you may not know about the game! But we also realise that a different perspective isn't a bad thing, we listen and discuss ideas via our forum on palringo.

We achieved top 750 in Canada, although we only ranked 814 in India as our focuses changed, to target faction goals more than rank, which paid dividends as we achieved 6 wins in a row and 25 wins in a row - raising the att/def stats of all members by atleast 15k.

So come and join the hottest faction out there!

Our requirements are:
Be active
Stats: a/d one time your level or better!
Gold is optional!
Have fun because it's a game !
🔋Health Regen: -23%
🔰Infantry Defense: +25%
🔰Infantry attack: +5%
⚡Ground Defense: +20%
✈Air Defense: 10%
⚓Sea Defense: +15%
🏢Building Defense: 15%
💰Building Output: 5%
👥Guild Member Increase +14

Thank you for your time and consideration and if any of the above sparked your attention feel free to send an invite to