View Full Version : Top 400 fiction open for Recruitment(8men team)India ranking 279

09-05-2013, 11:49 PM
We have 6 spots open for recruitment for GMT - players.Currently we are from Top 25 team,both 8 of us are heavy gold user and very active player.Some of us had score 1m+ WP before.We come out to build this fiction is because too much dead weight and freeloader at our previous fiction.Last war at India,we had put our fiction at Top 400(Ranking 279) with only 8 men of us.Our next war target is get all the Fiction prize.Last war we had make it 51win and 4 loss.We only miss the awesome prize 64k unit.Please PM me to get tru our fiction interview.Below are our Team torment and requirement.

Team Torment
Health Regen Time : 20%
Ground Attack : 10%
Air Attack : 10%
Infantry Attack : 10%
Infantry Defence : 25%
Ground Defence : 20%
Air Defence : 15%
Sea Defence : 5%
Building Defence : 30%
Guild Member Increase : +8
Faction code 199300905 / Evolution of Warriors

1) GMT - player (US ,Australia are welcome)
2) Must be gold user (medium/heavy user)
3) Active during war time
4) Can score 100kwp during war