View Full Version : Guardians of Justice Farm Faction Recruiting!!

09-08-2013, 01:12 AM
Are your stats below 100k? Are you looing to actually have fun playing MW? Do you want to learn how to get stronger and max your WD points during war?

The Str8Jacket Ponies are a farm faction of the Guardians of Justice, who ranked 283 in India, 206 in Canada, and 285 in Poland. Our DL has a Defense rating of over 1 million! All 34 members have well over 100k ratings!

No minimums or landing fees in either faction. Gold usage is totally optional. We are all adults, some ex-military, and we realize real life takes precedence over the game. We are a laid-back, tight-knit group, who have fun on our forum - we do NOT use outside commo.

The benefits of joining the Ponies include mentoring by our senior members, back-and-forth movement between factions to gain the advantages of Guardian bonuses and vaults, and learning our tried-and-true battle strategies. Plus, we're awfully fun to be around. We want to help you grow into loyal members of the Guardians one day. Our members gain 100k-200k in ratings each month!

No BS, no drama - all we do is win!

The Guardians also have one or two spots for strong, experienced players.

PM me (Guardian Leader) if interested.

09-09-2013, 08:48 AM
Bump for the lower-level players