View Full Version : Slacker / Deadbeats / Jumper List

09-08-2013, 03:41 AM
In keeping with Gree's TOS of non-necorotisation here this is:

The more factions confirm a deadbeat on the list - the stronger the likelihood that this guy will never play in the T25 circles and hopefully later on the T50 and even T75 levels. Most of the T25s are on this program and contributing (responsibly). SUP family is on. VFF family is on. Some T100s are on. T400s are beginning to write in. The more we all contribute, the richer the list becomes and the more accurate the data becomes.

Keep our factions safe from bums! :D

PM me, prepare:

1. scrnshot of you as officer in your member's list
2. scrnshot of your personal page showing your ID and faction
3. gmail.com account. this is stored in google docs and apparently google docs does not work well with aol, hotmail, comcast etc.