View Full Version : Small merge completed; room for another.

09-08-2013, 02:17 PM
We have 9-10 slots available. The faction wars have been going on since, what...January? If you are in a faction that is below 500 and has been from the beginning, isn't it time to improve your position? Look at the posts here; Top 50 factions looking for help, top 25 too. The ONLY ways to improve are to either spend real $, or move up.

If leaving all that you've "invested" in is an issue....consider how much you will benefit moving to a higher faction with greater bonuses....bonuses you haven't spent a dime on.

Anyway, we do have slots available and would love take take on a small group of players who enjoy the game and the on-line friendships that develop with it.

Individual players obviously welcomed too!

Send PM if interested.