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09-10-2013, 01:15 PM
infected BOOT OF BLEST (iBOB)
currently has openings...
FACTION CODE ... 753-547-742

We are looking for active members that want to participate in all aspects of the game.. We are trying to get back into the Top100 and better.. We use Palringo as a third party communication.. This is a must have.. If you are interested pm me and/or join [ ibob recruiting station ] chat on Palringo..

Minimum requirements (Flexible):
-300k+ attack
-$30 donation + 50k WD points or 100k WD points
-$5 million daily faction donations

-Casualty rate 5%
-Health regen 30%
-Ground att 15%
-Air att 15%
-Infantry att 20%
-Sea att 5%
-Infantry def 30%
-Ground def 30%
-Air def 25%
-Sea def 20%
-Building def 30%
-Building output 25%

iBOB was born after Battle for Brazil and 2 weeks before Greenland
Battle for Greenland --- 243rd place
Battle for Egypt --- 53rd place
Battle for China --- 65th place
Battle for Ireland --- 39th place
Battle for Colombia --- 31st place
Battle for Madagascar --- 61st place (no gold protest)
Battle for Poland --- 31st place
Battle for Australia --- 22nd place
Battle for Canada --- 23rd place
Battle for India --- MASS EXODUS and REBUILD --- 119th place
Battle for France --- TBD

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A bump for those in iBOB

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Thank u good sir..

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Bumb for the ibobians

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Bumpity bump

09-10-2013, 10:07 PM
I love iBOB. Always have, always will. Good to see you Otis. Now get Mollywhoppin!

Thank you Erkansang for the bump. Please pm me for a chat.

09-10-2013, 11:05 PM
I love iBOB. Always have, always will. Good to see you Otis. Now get Mollywhoppin!

Thank you Erkansang for the bump. Please pm me for a chat.

Erkensang is a marked faction freeloader, be advised. It's a shame ibob split but I would lower your WD point requirement or mark up ur placement ur going for. 100k outta 50+ members is a top 50 finish. Hard sell to be in a top 100 faction and have to score 100k or put up PayPal plus 50k. No disrespect meant here I'm just letting U know the competition is tuff. For 50-60k they will let u in top 75, u need a better sales pitch!

09-11-2013, 12:21 AM
FYI, its not hard to gain 50k or 100k WD points. We have more inside strategy. This is almost the same strategy we have been using. Our reputation and track record proves that.

And if you read carefully, we're trying to get back in Top 100 and better... Meaning we will be Top 100, guaranteed. Shooting for Top 50. We have players now in place, ready to compete. Looking for more and better players who are ready to compete.

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Bump for the win

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Also said we r flexible on minimums..

09-12-2013, 03:39 AM
I am a level 37 with 45k stats. I am extremely active. Last war was my firs and in scored 16k hitting wall and commamnd center only. I I'll be a gold user in the near future. P.S. Otis sent me here

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Bump for iBOB

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Thought you guys imploded.... BOOOOOM!

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Nah.. Were coming back better and stronger.. Take a seat..

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Thought you guys imploded.... BOOOOOM!

We did... Now we do what winners do... We dust ourselves off and hop back on the horse... Not leave ghey little posts on funzio... Loser...

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Only girls leave posts like that.. What are u, a girl or something?

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infected boot of blest... infecting the lives of peoples everywhere....

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Infected bumps!