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09-10-2013, 07:10 PM
Here ye, here ye

Thee Bronx Knights (840674396) are in the search of 5 warriors, warriors of dedication and commitment, thou need not be strong warriors with more brawn than brains, nor old high level, we search for fun and entertainment, passion and pride, low level hi stat daily players welcome.

We've continuously improved each and every war as we refine our members, began at top 750, and moved up to 500, then 400, then 300, top 100 a few times, and last war top 75, top 50 comming soon, but to do so we need daily active players, thus we ask of you, do you have what it takes???

Reap the benefits of all our bonuses, as well as the top rewards from the guild quests that we always complete.

We dont have daily donation requirements, no demand for spending gems, we want you to continue growing yourself and your kigndom and also help with the growth of the guild as it benefits yourself and everyone else. We have many members who do chose to spend gems, but not a requirement, we leave that up to you.

All we ask is participate in the chats and wars, even if the chat is just to vent your frustration on those damn chests. We like to know and see that you are a part of this great guild and willing to contribute with whatever you have, laughter, jokes, gold, and your time and commitment in the quests and wars, we're a top 75 guild due to the passion and commitment and would like to see the same from our recruits.

We are a fun group of international players from all across the globe, you'll have no problems fitting in.

This game doesnt need to be strict and demanding, whats the fun in being pressured every day to do better or contribute more. The fun is with the people you surround yourself with and the pride and joy of accomplishing the near impossible. And destroying people's hopes and dreams along the way, we are hellhounds, we thrive off the blood spilt upon the soil, and laugh at those who soil themselves at the sight of the blood we shed lol

We have 5 spots available, if you have 5 members of your guild who are looking for change that is welcome too, spread the word. The Bronx Knights welcomes all, well if you can run with the wolves or just keep playing with the pups.

09-11-2013, 06:54 PM
3 spots left

09-12-2013, 08:29 PM