View Full Version : Purgatory - 3 slots open

09-12-2013, 09:11 PM
Hey all.

Purgatory just started a few weeks ago, and we are already level 22.
We have 20/23 members and are looking for a few more folks.

I'm the guild leader as well as the sentinel.

We are a casual guild, with no hard pressed expectations, except that you at least "participate on a regular level". We all have jobs, school, other activities, so it's understood if your not online 24/7. I will however think real hard about a replacement if your idle for weeks on end.

We came in at at ribbon D (500th) place in the last 4-hour war, which I think is damn good for the level 12 guild that we were at the time.

Hopefully this war starting tomorrow we can really do well if we build some more active players.

The current team members are all contributing at a steady rate- contributing $, as well as pursuing guild quests.

If your looking for a guild who "only uses Line to chat, constantly chats, must contribute $xx or your booted", or any other bs, move on.

If your a just a regular person who wants to be a part of a really good, growing, active guild, then give us a shot.

Gimme a PM if you want some more info, or just apply.