View Full Version : Top 750 Group Looking to add a dozen active members

09-14-2013, 06:49 AM
Potential Members,

If you are part of a group of active players who are tired of carrying your faction, join us at AJA. We have recently removed a lot of dead weight and are looking to add active members to fill the void.

We have placed at all levels from top 250 to top 750. Gold use is not required, but daily donations of 3-5x iph are.

We are organized and social...a tight group.

PM me if interested.


AJA (And Justice For All) - 347-214-427
30 of 42 slots filled

Bad Company
09-14-2013, 03:05 PM
We have several players willing to merge, if you are on groupme, shout me out flood8666@gmail.com, we can send pics of our stats and answer any questions, and you can meet the group. We are a top 1500 faction The World Order but are looking to merge. Thanks for your consideration.