View Full Version : [ANDROID] Knights of Renais Guild- A COMPETITIVE TEAM

09-15-2013, 04:35 PM
Welcome! We're the Knights of Renais and we're looking for up to four players who are Level 70+, highly active, willing to contribute at least $400,000, participate in Guild Wars as much as possible and use line app. Being a gem-spender is a huge plus and we will take those who are first.

About us...we are currently a Level 31 guild about to be 32. We are currently Rank 66 in the current 3-day Android guild war. We had been Rank 277 in the four hour Fusion Blitz War (think about that huge jump in rank and imagine if you join how much farther up we'll be!:D) We are also a DEMOCRACY where everyone has a voice regardless of rank. Finally we are also very friendly and social. So give us a try and we promise we won't disappoint!