View Full Version : #36 in Android Battle of the Beasts War! Up from #277 in Fusion Blitz-Join!

09-16-2013, 11:22 AM
Hello! We ranked 36th in the Android 3-Day War. As you can see, we have made a huge improvement from our previous Rank 277 from the Four Hour Blitz War. JUST THINK OF HOW HIGH WE WOULD RANK IF YOU JOIN US! We are currently a Level 34 guild with 15 armor bonuses that operates as a democracy. We are also very social and international. We want a Level 70+ player, who is active, will use line app, contribute 400,000 gold per week, participate in Guild Wars as much as possible and be a gemspender! SO give us a try and we know you won't be disappointed! Search Knights of Renais or search up sleeboy2 on line app. Also please show off your epic armors if you have any. Thanks and we hope you'll fight with us!

09-16-2013, 11:37 AM
I'm level 92, 3 epic + armors, very active, hit me up if you're interested.


09-16-2013, 12:10 PM
it's great here, join us

09-16-2013, 03:26 PM
I was having terrible luck with guilds until I received an invite to this one. Everyone is nice and active and determined to be the best. Join and you won't be disappointed. :)

Matty Cash
09-18-2013, 01:25 AM
Bump ;) keep up the good work buddy

09-22-2013, 09:57 AM
We've picked up some strong players, but still have two spots open if anyone is interested. Please PM me if you are looking to join a guild with other active members.

09-22-2013, 11:52 PM
I'm currently shopping for a new guild I'm level 96 my game code is WBB NFY ZQH my line id is jtripp1981

09-24-2013, 04:43 PM
As of today we have one more spot opening due to our guild leveling up. Apply quickly before it's gone and you're regretting!

09-25-2013, 04:58 PM
Bump - Great active guild still looking for members!

09-26-2013, 07:39 PM
Hello, my name is Stormthunder.
I'm currently level 69, but I level up quickly and have an epic armor and have an estimated stat amount of 1400 and 1200. I donate as much as I can each week, which averages somewhere from 500000 to a little above 1 million. I hope that you can invite me ASAP, at least before the guild war ends.
My code: XBD XBR VCV
Please at least PM me whether I can join and I will leave my current guild immeaditly.

09-30-2013, 11:42 PM
Hi we're looking for three more active players. Contact me using line app if interested (username is sleeboy2) Also got #27 in recent blitz war.