View Full Version : [Android] Solaris Ribbon D #179 Fighting for Ribbon A next war.

09-16-2013, 11:52 AM
At the start of the last war, we looked at our roster, look at the rewards, and decided that our goal would be Ribbon D. We made it by a comfortable margin.

Now we are looking towards the next war and are deciding to shoot for Ribbon A. Will you join us?

We are looking for members that will be on several times daily; and can commit to 8 daily check-ins during war-time.
We are looking for members that are at least level 60.
We are looking for members that know which armors they should be leveling and which are fodder.
Bonus if you are willing to spend small amounts of money/gems, under specific circumstances.
Bonus if you got over 15k points in the last war (provide screen shot).

PM me with relevant information if you are interested.