View Full Version : Missing Link Looking to Recute

09-16-2013, 05:57 PM
Missing Link is a active guild looking for new members to fill are rosters. We have a good group of guys who play and chat all day every day. If you would like to join up plz send me a Message on "Line messenger" my name is barodo we can talk there. or PM me on here Line will be faster thou looking for ppl who play and will keep playing the game. We are looking to be a top 10 Guild one day soon.

Guild information:
Guild Level 32
6% Fire
6% Earth
5% Spirit
5% Air
5% Water

War Rank #174
Fusion War #41

GM: level 97
Guild Sentinel: level 102 Are sent is a beast with over 2500 Def and 4 5 stars sets 2 at lvl 90
Guild Champion: level 106