View Full Version : We need you!!

Harley Quinn
09-17-2013, 01:44 PM
The Shadow Syndicate finished 571 in India after a 705 finish in Canada. We’re looking for more strong players to help us jump the 500 mark in France.

We do not require gold but have quite a few members that do spend the real dough. We do like to encourage donations so we require a minimum donation of $500k per day - we also require 500 allies. We communicate in Palringo but you have to be an adult (and not take things personally) as we like to have some obnoxious fun! We also like to talk

Shadow Syndicate - Faction code: 225744604
• Health Regen Time: -23%
• Infantry Attack: +10%
• Infantry Defense: +30% (Max)
• Ground Attack: +5%
• Ground Defense: +20%
• Air Defense: +15%
• Sea Defense: +10%
• Building Defense: +30% (Max)
• Building Cash Output: +15%
• Guild Member Increase: +22