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09-18-2013, 07:09 AM
Once again we are here busily boosting our stats for another bout of world domination. Most often my addresses are positive and filled with hope, however things are different...

The majority of the events have been good and Im not too fussed about them but Gree, Im beginning to feel like there is something missing from the game, something that makes it fun and not a chore. Its difficult to describe and i doubt that a reasonable answer can be found yet even now as i type, i realise that despite all the new things you have put in there is still the same cycle of events, repetitive and constant. Spice things up a little, leave out what events are coming up and just post times of events; eg event 1 starts x/x/x and finishes y/y/y (put whatever date in but its an example), the point is surprises like mystery events make a game fun as your always on your toes,waiting for something to happen.

Anyway thats my opinion, reflection time.

The foreign legion recon ltq was good, easy and could be done free up to normal and some of prestige mode. +1 to that. Free mode reward was very tasty.

Claude Frollo, i found this boss boring, but hey, thats just me.

Tournoi de Guerre Tournament, ltq rewards started of bad but got better, quickly. The placement rewards, no complaints their either.

Mission Reaffirm, i found it strange that it said on mine that the event lasted 11 days at the time, anyway it wasnt exactly gifting those who did the solo as much as the faction. Flip the rewards maybe, after all, you get less of a reward for placing 1st in the tournament of factions in the faction placings than the individual, why change for an ltq?

Versaille Chest, i struggle to grasp the logic of the computer that gives me 5 towers in a row and thereafter a vector warship, a tank eliminator, 2x500 valour, 125k cash and literally all other attempts bar 2 being "sorry, better luck next time" -.-

The Napoleonic Tournament, seriously, a destructible? (Beast Artillery 187/200)

And the Liberty cap, ending on an above average event.

All in all, your typical pre war build up, nothing special. The only major, monumental events to happen pre war is Ferr's departure, and possibly the glitch where people where stuck at 11/23 in the liberty cap ltq.

If this continues (the game that is) like it is now, ill be nuking my base and giving my money/concrete to my favorite faction. I dont want things to come to that.

On the bright side i have faith in you Gree, you can improve and im sure you'll keep doing so. I'll consider this pre war build up just a small descent on the climb to everest.

To all faction out there, good luck and remember to have fun. I anticipate a change in power somewhere up in the top 3, not sup1, sup2 or sup3. But ive been wrong before ;)

Persistence is no easy route, but its a known and proven successful route.


Speed ump
09-18-2013, 08:03 AM
I'm at the point that I wish I get just hit a button on many of these events that says buy all.lol. The time to do the ltq on one game is enough, alas I must do it on many more than one ( my choice,I know) they want my money, take it, just let me do it at once, maybe give a bit of a price break for the quanity purchase since I won't be using any free energy on it. Fvf I can understand, it's not just money, but time involved too. Nothing strategic really about ltq events.

& The Horse U Rode In On
09-18-2013, 08:05 AM
Mission Reaffirm FLTQ made the pre-war festivities far above hohum. We found that this will quickly become the faction's 2nd most important participation event, behind WD itself. Also that comms were critical - although over a longer period of time when compared to a WD battle - to coordinate who was going to make the final hits to finish the level so that members were not wasting energy or getting unnecessary xp just to be shut out at the end

Speed ump
09-18-2013, 08:45 AM
The individual ones are more the ones I'm talking about. The faction ones I can see the sense in it.

09-18-2013, 08:58 AM
The current trend seems heavily in favor of faction events. If I were in gree product dev I'd seriously consider scaling back the # and scope of individ LTQ and even bosses. Claude Frollo turned a corner where many of the units are simply not worth having, and killing 50 bosses becomes kinda monotonous. The 10 crate events are bearable, but personally I will not spend a speck of gold b/c there is no way to assess the upside. The 25 crate events should be cut.

How about a campaign of entirely new events? I can't even keep track of my stats anymore, and it is surprisingly boring.

09-18-2013, 09:14 AM
I would love to see no event or time schedules. I like the suprise in it. 50 bosses is getting very boring. I fond myself hitting the boss as many as I can on free hits, then very lazy with the cash hits. I love the new faction events, it is adding a huge twist. The WD LTQ was the best.

09-18-2013, 10:30 AM
Faction, Guild and Syndicate (all 3 games) LTQs and bosses are clearly where GREE is heading. The MW FLTQ last week was incredibly exciting. We had no idea it was coming, and my faction did a fantastic job of very quickly organizing who would do what and when so as to minimize repetition and wasteful energy and XP. We finished the FLTQ in Prestige mode with many hours to spare (though one of my factionmates was on his way to having a coronary during the wait ... that was just funny).

As was said above, TEAM events are where it's at. Honestly, the FLTQ added a LOT more to my stats than any war ever will (of course I'm only in a top 150 faction). Used to be bosses, boxes and wars. Now bosses are becoming somewhat obsolete, and a bit boring (and time-consuming). 25 boxes always sucked and 10 boxes are good only because for 30 XP in raids you can potentially grab an additional 10K-20K in stats, *IF YOU ARE LUCKY*. And wars are doing less for our stats than the FLTQs in all of the games from what I can see. Oh, and individual LTQs have just always sucked. Period.

Team events. Watch for more. But hopefully not just the same repetitive events. There's a lot of potential. I hope that GREE has an imagination.

And as an interesting aside, these have absolutely put camping as a no-go. Up until a few months ago you could still semi-camp and get away with it. But with the team events you will get overrun within just 2-3 months if you don't participate.

I have to hand it to GREE -- In my opinion, they've done well with these events so far (aside from the bugs and glitches).

09-18-2013, 03:10 PM
I'd like to see a faction stamina event. either thru attacking rivals or maybe having to raid xx amount of dollars. or a combo of both.

09-18-2013, 03:30 PM
I'd like to see a faction stamina event. either thru attacking rivals or maybe having to raid xx amount of dollars. or a combo of both.

I like this idea a lot. Hopefully gree will do something like this.

09-18-2013, 04:19 PM
I'd like to see a faction stamina event. either thru attacking rivals or maybe having to raid xx amount of dollars. or a combo of both.

This really is a good idea. I enjoy raiding but outside of LE upgrades cash is basically meaningless in this game for me.....which makes raiding irrelevant. A faction event based around raiding would be refreshing.