View Full Version : 3 spots for France in top 100 WD and top 30 FvF faction - get in today!

09-20-2013, 12:59 AM
Always top 100 Bravehearts of Scotland have 3 slots for daily players.

We finished the last faction LTQ in prestige mode in less that 24 hours so you will be joining a strong and dedicated team.

We will happily consider solo or multiple requests.

Over 400 attack, 4 million per day donators but most of all people who can communicate, play daily and still know how to have fun. Gold players preferred (light too) but BoS has no requirements for its members to use gold, its a personal choice.

So if you are interested PM me and be part of a top faction, the best one.

Faction requirements.

A minimum donation of 4 million per day (or 28 million over the course of a week)
Minimum 50,000 WD points during wars
Minimum 200,000 points during FvF events
400k attack minimum
Gold or gold lite

Faction bonuses shown below in my signature.

PM me for a chat if you want to before leaving your faction. We will make you stronger and you'll have fun in BoS.

Join code is 212 350 368 or pm me if you want to chat before leaving where you are.

Health Recov MAX
Building Def MAX
Inf Def MAX, Att 5/6
Grnd Def MAX, Att 4/6
Air Def MAX, Att 3/6
Sea Def MAX, Sea Att 2/6
Build Output 4/6
Guild +36
External forum

09-20-2013, 07:04 AM
Still time if you want to advance your MW career

09-20-2013, 07:20 AM
Still time if you want to advance your MW career

I am interested. My stats should be about 300k with your boosts. (240 unboosted).

I can get 30-40k wd points. Wont be very active on chat this weekend, but will pop in every hour or so to get my hits real quick.
My code is 218 133 018.
Let me know
Oh, im lvl 72, 850k iph