View Full Version : Top 100 starting search early to add/merge 20+ quality players to become top 50

J Dunn
09-21-2013, 08:18 AM
Sands of Time, currently in the 50-75 range in France, but a top 100 finish for sure, is looking to add/merge w another strong group of players who r w a faction where only a minority pull the weight. FRUSTRATING, is it not?? How about playing w 50 guys who ALL wanna contribute to scoring?? That's the hardest part of this game. A collection of players w the same goal. Deadweight n freeloaders are everywhere, let them play w each other, lol.

Searching for guys w 300k plus stats n ENJOY putting up 40k+ WD pts, not because they are demanded to

Faction boosts include

Max regen
15/30 Infantry
10/30 Ground
5/20 Air
0/15 Sea
15 Cash output
30 Building def
+30 Guild

Message me to discuss more, let's get the most outta our experience n have a squad that runs like a well oiled machine n loves the Modern War gaming experience.

09-22-2013, 03:53 AM
Epic battle we had with you...you guys really deserved the win!!
Bump ~ BBR :)