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09-25-2013, 06:28 AM
First, GREE? Can we please have some new units in the crates? These are the same units that have been in the crates since Australia; what? 3 wars ago? Although I sincerely do appreciate all of the new units and events you're putting out and giving us the chance to obtain, crates cost gold and I prefer to get the crates every so often as the units are generally better than anything we get in the events. Thanks!

Second, GREE? Can you please explain what the coins we get for donating in the Faction events are going to be used for later? I've noticed it mentions each section in the event has a certain coin amount earned, as well as on the donation page. It appears, for now, this is only a way to track who is active on the team and contributing and who's not, but if we're "earning" the coins, I can only assume you have a plan for these in the relatively near future. Care to share what that might be? I know some mystery to the game is part of the experience, but I figure your math is already a mystery when it comes to matching teams in WD events, how 5% regen is not really 5% (no matter how you twist the numbers), etc.


09-25-2013, 06:37 AM
To your second question, in KA your guild has to collect orbs or some other trinket. You do so by raiding and attacking and such. You then donate them to your guild. KA has a new event called a "Guild Boss event". Basically the same thing as the boss events that we know in MW, except that you "summon" a boss of a specific tier (be sure to follow the specific quests) from level 5 thru 100. When summoned your guild has to kill the boss in a certain amount of time, usually two hours, but sometimes 15 minutes. To summon, your guild (officers only, in KA) uses these orbs. So you have to have enough orbs to summon the bosses. It's another team effort event. Without complete coordination you'll get through the first few levels and then die a miserable death.

Translate orbs and guilds and such to MW-speak.

Hope that helps.

Playing all 3 games (MW, KA and CC) helps you to be able to see what's coming in one game because they tend to test events and such in one game before bringing them to the others. Not saying that their balance is always correct off the bat, but at least you have an idea what is coming. When the first Guild Boss came to KA a month or so ago, it took us a day just to figure out what it was. Then we went to work (and died a miserable death ...).

09-25-2013, 06:40 AM
So, then, this appears it will be that way in MW soon.

09-25-2013, 06:41 AM
So, then, this appears it will be that way in MW soon.

I'd think so. They bring the same types of events from one game to the next. Use one as a testing ground for the others.